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UROK Impact

From childhood to adulthood, it is important to take time for yourself and your mental wellbeing. Urban Resilience Opportunities for Kids (UROK) provides a nurturing and safe environment for children aged 8 to 18, giving them the chance to participate in monthly recreational outings with their peers and receive guidance from caring adults. Meanwhile, parents can take a much needed break, knowing that their child is in good hands. UROK not only provides a source of stability, consistency, and comradery through social activity for the children, but also, the parents or guardians gain respite, which is important for overall wellbeing.  

UROK staff support youth in the growth of their participants from elementary to high school to figuring out their next steps after graduation. Through long-term participation, children and youth form healthy attachments, build confidence and resilience, and develop social skills. 

Hear from some of our participants and their families about the positive impact UROK has had on their lives:

“I have been with the programs since I was age 10. I started out in the kids’ group, move onto the tween group and now I am with the youth group. The activities are fun and I really like to hang out with the youth and staff. The group has meant the most to me because it has helped me cope with school and supported me when my grandpa/guardian passed away.”  – UROK youth participant

“I have a good time and there is a good variety of activities. I started with the kids group and now I am in the youth group. I like the staff and they always pick me up wherever I have moved to.  I always feel safe when I come to the UROK program.” – UROK youth participant

“UROK has been a very valuable program for our entire family. When our children were young and they are out with the group it has given us those few precious hours for my wife and I to have time together. It has also given our children the opportunity to mingle with other kids and experience different outings, venues and adventure until this day.  As their age groups are separated this also gives us our alone time with each one of our children to bond with us.” – UROK parent

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