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Let’s Get Real About Mental Health: Stress Strategies & Skills to Build Resilience

We all know what it’s like to have a low mood or to feel distressed; we can experience this on any given day or can sometimes experience this feeling for a week or more.  That’s right, from the executive offices to the mailroom, we all get out of sorts from time to time, and stress can often be the culprit behind our feelings.  In this presentation, participants will build knowledge of mental health, discover why self-awareness is so important, explore sources and types of stress, and learn some practical strategies to navigate through them.

Let’s Get Real About Mental Health: This is Empathy

Just as Canadians are experiencing pandemic fatigue after two long years, research suggests that Canadians may also be experiencing “empathy fatigue”. This and the social ills that permeate our communities: mental health stigma, gender bias, and racism give cause for a renewal of empathy and understanding of each other. In this workshop, participants build mental health knowledge and explore empathy to refresh and strengthen their empathetic skills.

Length: 1 or 1.5 hours, depending on group size

Maximum number of participants:  This can be a large group, keeping in mind the larger the group the less discussion time.

To learn more about bringing these trainings to your community or workplace, please contact us at 778-986-2524 or

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